AQRA TECHNIC d.o.o. is a private company, established with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the quality and safety of products, processes and services.

For companies in the Republic of Serbia, export-oriented on markets that require the CE mark, AQRA TECHNIC d.o.o. as an authorized representative of Notify Bodies of the European Union, provides access to new markets and improves the safety of their products by engaging conformity assessment bodies, with many years of experience, respectable knowledge and confirmed status of Notify Body in the European Union.

AQRA TECHNIC d.o.o. realizes the following:

  1. Inspection and survelliance
  2. Test services
  3. CE marking
  4. Product certification
  5. Personall certification
  6. Training services


Highly specialized, professional and professional staff, with many years of international experience, perform tasks in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, in terms of financial and administrative independence.


Staff with design and construction licenses, certificates of European welding engineers, experts in visual inspection and hazardous materials, as well as certificates in the field of quality is a guarantee of professional approach, professionalism and high quality service.


AQRA TECHNIC d.o.o. is ready to share its experiences and cooperate with standardization and conformity assessment bodies in the world.